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w26480   2019  Bitler, Corcoran, Domina, and Penner Teacher Effects on Student Achievement and Height: A Cautionary Tale
w26021   2019  Lavy and Megalokonomou Persistency in Teachers’ Grading Bias and Effects on Longer-Term Outcomes: University Admissions Exams and Choice of Field of Study
w25990   2019  Thompson School Desegregation and Black Teacher Employment
w25903   2019  Mbiti, Romero, and Schipper Designing Effective Teacher Performance Pay Programs: Experimental Evidence from Tanzania
w25411   2018  Morrill and Westall Social Security and Retirement Timing: Evidence from a National Sample of Teachers
w25263   2018  Husain, Matsa, and Miller Do Male Workers Prefer Male Leaders? An Analysis of Principals' Effects on Teacher Retention
w25254   2018  Gershenson, Hart, Hyman, Lindsay, and Papageorge The Long-Run Impacts of Same-Race Teachers
w25255   2018  Papageorge, Gershenson, and Kang Teacher Expectations Matter
w24883   2018  Lang and Palacios The Determinants of Teachers' Occupational Choice
w24813   2018  Biasi The Labor Market for Teachers Under Different Pay Schemes
w24782   2018  Lovenheim and Willén The Long-run Effects of Teacher Collective Bargaining
w24747   2018  Macartney, McMillan, and Petronijevic Teacher Value-Added and Economic Agency
w24658   2018  Dizon-Ross How Does School Accountability Affect Teachers? Evidence from New York City
w24128   2017  Lim and Meer Persistent Effects of Teacher-Student Gender Matches
w24111   2017  DuBois and Schanzenbach The Effect of Court-Ordered Hiring Guidelines on Teacher Composition and Student Achievement
w24012   2017  Saavedra, Maldonado, Santibanez, and Herrera Prada Premium or Penalty? Labor Market Returns to Novice Public Sector Teachers
w23478   2017  Bacher-Hicks, Chin, Kane, and Staiger An Evaluation of Bias in Three Measures of Teacher Quality: Value-Added, Classroom Observations, and Student Surveys
w22805   2016  Cullen, Koedel, and Parsons The Compositional Effect of Rigorous Teacher Evaluation on Workforce Quality
w22698   2016  Fitzpatrick Teaching, Teachers Pensions and Retirement across Recent Cohorts of College Graduate Women
w22472   2016  Hanushek, Rivkin, and Schiman Dynamic Effects of Teacher Turnover on the Quality of Instruction
w22226   2016  Jackson What Do Test Scores Miss? The Importance of Teacher Effects on Non-Test Score Outcomes
w22207   2016  Diamond and Persson The Long-term Consequences of Teacher Discretion in Grading of High-stakes Tests
w22054   2016  Jacob, Rockoff, Taylor, Lindy, and Rosen Teacher Applicant Hiring and Teacher Performance: Evidence from DC Public Schools
w21986   2016  Papay, Taylor, Tyler, and Laski Learning Job Skills from Colleagues at Work: Evidence from a Field Experiment Using Teacher Performance Data
w21922   2016  Adnot, Dee, Katz, and Wyckoff Teacher Turnover, Teacher Quality, and Student Achievement in DCPS
w21806   2015  de Ree, Muralidharan, Pradhan, and Rogers Double for Nothing? Experimental Evidence on the Impact of an Unconditional Teacher Salary Increase on Student Performance in Indonesia
w21598   2015  Brehm, Imberman, and Lovenheim Achievement Effects of Individual Performance Incentives in a Teacher Merit Pay Tournament
w21393   2015  Nagler, Piopiunik, and West Weak Markets, Strong Teachers: Recession at Career Start and Teacher Effectiveness
w21407   2015  Lim and Meer The Impact of Teacher-Student Gender Matches: Random Assignment Evidence from South Korea
w20983   2015  Lavy Teachers’ Pay for Performance in the Long-Run: Effects on Students’ Educational and Labor Market Outcomes in Adulthood
w20909   2015  Lavy and Sand On The Origins of Gender Human Capital Gaps: Short and Long Term Consequences of Teachers’ Stereotypical Biases
w20727   2014  Hanushek, Piopiunik, and Wiederhold The Value of Smarter Teachers: International Evidence on Teacher Cognitive Skills and Student Performance
w20657   2014  Bacher-Hicks, Kane, and Staiger Validating Teacher Effect Estimates Using Changes in Teacher Assignments in Los Angeles
w20582   2014  Fitzpatrick How Much Are Public School Teachers Willing to Pay for Their Retirement Benefits?
w20299   2014  Muralidharan, Das, Holla, and Mohpal The Fiscal Cost of Weak Governance: Evidence from Teacher Absence in India
w19529   2013  Dee and Wyckoff Incentives, Selection, and Teacher Performance: Evidence from IMPACT
w19440   2013  Muralidharan and Sundararaman Contract Teachers: Experimental Evidence from India
w19423   2013  Chetty, Friedman, and Rockoff Measuring the Impacts of Teachers I: Evaluating Bias in Teacher Value-Added Estimates
w19424   2013  Chetty, Friedman, and Rockoff Measuring the Impacts of Teachers II: Teacher Value-Added and Student Outcomes in Adulthood
w19406   2013  Figlio, Schapiro, and Soter Are Tenure Track Professors Better Teachers?
w19341   2013  Muralidharan and Sheth Bridging Education Gender Gaps in Developing Countries: The Role of Female Teachers
w19157   2013  Imberman and Lovenheim Does the Market Value Value-Added? Evidence from Housing Prices After a Public Release of School and Teacher Value-Added
w19096   2013  Atteberry, Loeb, and Wyckoff Do First Impressions Matter? Improvement in Early Career Teacher Effectiveness
w19108   2013  Grissom, Loeb, and Nakashima Strategic Involuntary Teacher Transfers and Teacher Performance: Examining Equity and Efficiency
w18624   2012  Jackson Non-Cognitive Ability, Test Scores, and Teacher Quality: Evidence from 9th Grade Teachers in North Carolina
w18439   2012  Imberman and Lovenheim Incentive Strength and Teacher Productivity: Evidence from a Group-Based Teacher Incentive Pay System
w18419   2012  Rothstein Teacher Quality Policy When Supply Matters
w18237   2012  Fryer, Levitt, List, and Sadoff Enhancing the Efficacy of Teacher Incentives through Loss Aversion: A Field Experiment
w17939   2012  Duflo, Dupas, and Kremer School Governance, Teacher Incentives, and Pupil-Teacher Ratios: Experimental Evidence from Kenyan Primary Schools
w17722   2012  Jackson Teacher Quality at the High-School Level: The Importance of Accounting for Tracks
w17699   2011  Chetty, Friedman, and Rockoff The Long-Term Impacts of Teachers: Teacher Value-Added and Student Outcomes in Adulthood
w17646   2011  Papay, West, Fullerton, and Kane Does Practice-Based Teacher Preparation Increase Student Achievement? Early Evidence from the Boston Teacher Residency
w17486   2011  Tyler If You Build It Will They Come? Teacher Use of Student Performance Data on a Web-Based Tool
w17225   2011  Jackson School Competition and Teacher Labor Markets: Evidence from Charter School Entry in North Carolina
w17176   2011  Ronfeldt, Lankford, Loeb, and Wyckoff How Teacher Turnover Harms Student Achievement
w17177   2011  Loeb, Kalogrides, and Beteille Effective Schools: Teacher Hiring, Assignment, Development, and Retention
w16885   2011  Lavy What Makes an Effective Teacher? Quasi-Experimental Evidence
w16877   2011  Taylor and Tyler The Effect of Evaluation on Performance: Evidence from Longitudinal Student Achievement Data of Mid-career Teachers
w16850   2011  Fryer Teacher Incentives and Student Achievement: Evidence from New York City Public Schools
w16802   2011  Engel and Jacob New Evidence on Teacher Labor Supply
w16606   2010  Hanushek The Economic Value of Higher Teacher Quality
w16070   2010  Feng, Figlio, and Sass School accountability and teacher mobility
w16015   2010  Grossman, Loeb, Cohen, Hammerness, Wyckoff, Boyd, and Lankford Measure for Measure: The relationship between measures of instructional practice in middle school English Language Arts and teachers' value-added scores
w16017   2010  Boyd, Grossman, Hammerness, Lankford, Loeb, Ronfeldt, and Wyckoff Recruiting Effective Math Teachers: How Do Math Immersion Teachers Compare?: Evidence from New York City
w15990   2010  Jackson Match Quality, Worker Productivity, and Worker Mobility: Direct Evidence From Teachers
w15966   2010  Boyd, Lankford, Loeb, Ronfeldt, and Wyckoff The Role of Teacher Quality in Retention and Hiring: Using Applications-to-Transfer to Uncover Preferences of Teachers and Schools
w15816   2010  Hanushek and Rivkin Constrained Job Matching: Does Teacher Job Search Harm Disadvantaged Urban Schools?
w15715   2010  Jacob Do Principals Fire the Worst Teachers?
w15323   2009  Muralidharan and Sundararaman Teacher Performance Pay: Experimental Evidence from India
w15202   2009  Jackson and Bruegmann Teaching Students and Teaching Each Other: The Importance of Peer Learning for Teachers
w14780   2009  Steele, Murnane, and Willett Do Financial Incentives Help Low-Performing Schools Attract and Keep Academically Talented Teachers? Evidence from California
w14607   2008  Kane and Staiger Estimating Teacher Impacts on Student Achievement: An Experimental Evaluation
w14608   2008  Cantrell, Fullerton, Kane, and Staiger National Board Certification and Teacher Effectiveness: Evidence from a Random Assignment Experiment
w14475   2008  Duflo, Dupas, and Kremer Peer Effects, Teacher Incentives, and the Impact of Tracking: Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation in Kenya
w14485   2008  Rockoff, Jacob, Kane, and Staiger Can You Recognize an Effective Teacher When You Recruit One?
w14442   2008  Rothstein Teacher Quality in Educational Production: Tracking, Decay, and Student Achievement
w14338   2008  Lavy Gender Differences in Market Competitiveness in a Real Workplace: Evidence from Performance-based Pay Tournaments among Teachers
w14314   2008  Boyd, Grossman, Lankford, Loeb, and Wyckoff Teacher Preparation and Student Achievement
w14021   2008  Boyd, Lankford, Loeb, Rockoff, and Wyckoff The Narrowing Gap in New York City Teacher Qualifications and its Implications for Student Achievement in High-Poverty Schools
w14065   2008  Jacob, Lefgren, and Sims The Persistence of Teacher-Induced Learning Gains
w14022   2008  Boyd, Grossman, Lankford, Loeb, and Wyckoff Who Leaves? Teacher Attrition and Student Achievement
w13868   2008  Rockoff Does Mentoring Reduce Turnover and Improve Skills of New Employees? Evidence from Teachers in New York City
w13648   2007  Clotfelter, Ladd, and Vigdor Are Teacher Absences Worth Worrying About in the U.S.?
w13617   2007  Clotfelter, Ladd, and Vigdor Teacher Credentials and Student Achievement in High School: A Cross-Subject Analysis with Student Fixed Effects
w13356   2007  Miller, Murnane, and Willett Do Teacher Absences Impact Student Achievement? Longitudinal Evidence from One Urban School District
w12828   2007  Clotfelter, Ladd, and Vigdor How and Why do Teacher Credentials Matter for Student Achievement?
w12627   2006  Figlio and Kenny Individual Teacher Incentives And Student Performance
w12285   2006  Clotfelter, Glennie, Ladd, and Vigdor Would Higher Salaries Keep Teachers in High-Poverty Schools? Evidence from a Policy Intervention in North Carolina
w12155   2006  Kane, Rockoff, and Staiger What Does Certification Tell Us About Teacher Effectiveness? Evidence from New York City
w11970   2006  Stoddard and Kuhn Incentives and Effort in the Public Sector: Have U.S. Education Reforms Increased Teachers' Work Hours?
w11936   2006  Clotfelter, Ladd, and Vigdor Teacher-Student Matching and the Assessment of Teacher Effectiveness
w11880   2005  Duflo and Hanna Monitoring Works: Getting Teachers to Come to School
w11844   2005  Boyd, Grossman, Lankford, Loeb, and Wyckoff How Changes in Entry Requirements Alter the Teacher Workforce and Affect Student Achievement
w11660   2005  Dee Teachers and the Gender Gaps in Student Achievement
w11494   2005  Jacob and Lefgren What Do Parents Value in Education? An Empirical Investigation of Parents' Revealed Preferences for Teachers
w11154   2005  Hanushek, Kain, O'Brien, and Rivkin The Market for Teacher Quality
w10622   2004  Lavy Performance Pay and Teachers' Effort, Productivity and Grading Ethics
w9953   2003  Boyd, Lankford, and Loeb The Draw of Home: How Teachers' Preferences for Proximity Disadvantage Urban Schools
w9878   2003  Boyd, Lankford, Loeb, and Wyckoff Analyzing the Determinants of the Matching Public School Teachers to Jobs: Estimating Compensating Differentials in Imperfect Labor Markets
w9671   2003  Glewwe, Ilias, and Kremer Teacher Incentives

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